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Modi 3.0 : 2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Assessing the National Mood

Recent projections and opinions hint at the possible outcomes of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Let’s delve into the details and explore the prevailing sentiments across the nation.
Assembly Elections 2024
Assembly Elections 2024
Prime Minister’s Optimism
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a recent address to Parliament, expressed confidence in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) securing a significant victory. His optimism was grounded in his assessment of the nation’s mood, foreseeing a landslide victory with the BJP alone bagging 370 seats.

Opinion Poll Insights
A recent Times Now-Matrize opinion poll echoed the Prime Minister’s optimism, projecting the NDA to clinch 366 seats if elections were held today. Conversely, the Indian National Congress (INC)-led bloc is anticipated to secure 104 seats, with other parties bagging 73 seats. These forecasts paint a favorable picture for the NDA, indicating a considerable lead over its rivals.
Past Elections Recap
Recalling the 2019 elections, the BJP-led NDA emerged victorious with 353 seats, securing a significant vote share. Meanwhile, the Congress and its allies struggled, falling short of expectations and failing to claim the Leader of the Opposition post.

State-Wise Analysis
As anticipation builds for the upcoming elections, let’s explore the predicted outcomes across various states:
  • Uttar Pradesh: BJP+ is expected to secure 77 seats, with minimal representation from other parties.
  • Uttarakhand: BJP is forecasted to sweep all 5 seats.
  • Madhya Pradesh: BJP is poised to dominate with 28 seats, leaving Congress with just 1 seat.
  • Delhi: BJP is anticipated to claim all 7 seats, overshadowing AAP and Congress.
  • Rajasthan: BJP is expected to secure all 25 seats.
  • Gujarat: BJP is predicted to win all 26 seats, leaving little room for other contenders.
  • Chhattisgarh: BJP is expected to win all 11 seats.
  • Bihar: NDA is forecasted to win 35 seats, with other parties securing 5.
  • Jharkhand: NDA is expected to secure 13 seats, with minimal opposition.
  • Andhra Pradesh: YSRCP is predicted to win 19 seats, with TDP-Jana Sena securing 6 seats.
  • Odisha: BJP is anticipated to win 11 seats, posing a challenge to BJD.
While these predictions suggest a strong performance by the BJP and its allies across various states, it’s essential to remember that they are speculative. The final outcome will be determined by the voters on election day. Nonetheless, the prevailing sentiment appears to favor the NDA, with Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and the BJP’s agenda shaping the electoral landscape.

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