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PM Modi’s Bold Declaration: 17th Lok Sabha Achieves 97% Productivity with His Mantra ‘Reform, Perform, Transform’!

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PM Narendra Modi Adressing the Loka Sabha last sitting on Saturday

"Heartfelt Farewells and Political Reflections: Lok Sabha MPs Bid Adieu in Final Session Before Elections"

As the curtains draw on the current parliamentary term, Lok Sabha members are seizing the moment to express their sentiments, recounting tales of triumphs, challenges, and cherished memories. With the impending general elections looming large, the atmosphere in the hallowed halls of the Parliament is a blend of nostalgia and anticipation.

In these closing remarks, MP’s from various political spectrum’s are offering insights gleaned from their tenure, reflecting on the highs and lows encountered during their service to the nation. From legislative achievements to personal growth, each speaker is sharing their unique journey, encapsulating the essence of their time in office.

Beyond mere political rhetoric, these speeches resonate with the human aspect of governance, highlighting the profound impact of public service on individuals and communities alike. Whether recounting moments of bipartisan collaboration or addressing constituents’ concerns, the MP’s are conveying a sense of duty and dedication to the democratic process.

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"Congress MP Asserts Devotion Over Politics: Ram Mandir Inauguration Sparks Debate"

Congress MP Pramod Tiwari emphasized his devotion to Lord Ram over political agendas, stating, “I am a Ram devotee, not his salesman.” Addressing the Rajya Sabha, he highlighted the construction of the Ram Mandir in compliance with the Supreme Court’s directives, a development he claimed was celebrated by all 140 crore Indians.

Questioning the timing of the temple’s inauguration, Tiwari criticized the decision to hold the event before its completion, suggesting it was a strategic move ahead of the Lok Sabha polls. He argued that the inauguration should have been scheduled for November 2024, coinciding with the temple’s anticipated completion. Tiwari further raised concerns about the ideological alignment of those involved, invoking Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin, Nathuram Godse, in his remarks.

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Congress MP Asserts Devotion Over Politics: Ram Mandir Inauguration Sparks Debate

"BJP MP Hails Ram Temple Consecration: Symbol of India's Heritage and Future"

BJP MP Sudhanshu Trivedi passionately celebrated the inauguration of the Ram temple, intertwining its significance with India’s rich cultural heritage. Reflecting on the history of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, Trivedi underscored the temple’s role in embodying the nation’s enduring values.

He emphasized the auspiciousness of Prime Minister Modi consecrating the temple, linking it to his electoral victories and spiritual prowess, evident in his ability to observe 11-day fasting rituals according to Yajman traditions.

Looking ahead, Trivedi painted a visionary picture, asserting that by 2030, India would not only stand as an economic powerhouse but also emerge as a global leader, poised to shape the future landscape of the world. His remarks echoed a sentiment of national pride and optimism, highlighting the temple’s place in India’s journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

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BJP MP Hails Ram Temple Consecration: Symbol of India's Heritage and Future

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