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PM Modi Draws from 1959 Nehru Speech, Accuses Congress of Labeling Indians as Lazy

“PM Modi Criticizes Nehru in Lok Sabha, Quotes 1959 Speech Labeling Indians as ‘Lazy and of Low Intelligence’
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a comprehensive attack on Jawaharlal Nehru during his Lok Sabha speech, referencing an old Independence Day speech where Nehru described Indians as ‘lazy and of low intelligence.’ Responding to the motion of thanks on the President’s address, PM Modi accused the Congress and the Gandhi family of never trusting India’s potential.

“The Congress got stuck in one family. They could never see and would never be able to see people’s aspirations and achievements. The Congress never trusted India’s potential. They always considered themselves rulers and belittled people,” PM Modi stated.

Recalling Nehru’s 1959 Independence Day speech, PM Modi quoted, “Nehru had said, ‘we [Indians] do not work as hard as the Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, or the Americans. Do not think that these communities became prosperous by some magic. They have achieved this by hard work and smartness.'”

PM Modi criticized Nehru for giving a certificate that belittled Indians, stating that it reflected Nehru’s perception of Indians as lazy and of low intelligence. He added that even Nehru’s daughter, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, shared a similar perspective.

“This was the thinking of the ‘royal family of the Congress’ about Indians. A similar thinking is visible even today, but I have immense faith in the ability of the country and its people,” PM Modi asserted.

In response, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor countered PM Modi’s remarks on Nehru, stating, “Poor Nehru ji has been gone for 60 years, and he continues the same lament about Nehru ji. We are flattered that he is so worried about us that he has devoted his entire speech towards the Congress.”

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