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Ladli Behna Yojana: 10th Installment Update and Eligibility Criteria

The Ladli Behna Yojana, initiated by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Madhya Pradesh on March 5, 2023, stands as a commendable effort towards empowering women economically and strengthening families. This scheme aims not only to provide financial assistance but also to bolster the financial stability of sisters, thereby contributing to the overall welfare of the family and society.
Ladli Behna Yojana
Ladli Behna Yojana 10th Installment
Ladli Behna Yojana 10th Installment Update:
Under the Ladli Behna Yojana, eligible women receive an increased monthly installment of ₹1,250, up from ₹1,000, as of March 10, 2024. This financial support plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life for beneficiary families, reflecting the government’s commitment to enhancing the socio-economic status of women.

Eligibility Criteria for Ladli Behna Yojana:
To qualify for the Ladli Behna Yojana, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Resident of Madhya Pradesh: Only women residing in Madhya Pradesh are eligible for the scheme.
  • Married, Widowed, Divorced, or Separated: Women facing economic hardships due to marital issues are eligible for assistance under the scheme.
  • Age Bracket 23 to 60: Women aged between 23 and 60 years are eligible for financial aid under this scheme.
  • Low-income Families: Families with an annual income of less than ₹2.5 lakhs are eligible for the scheme to ensure assistance reaches economically vulnerable households.
  • Land Ownership: Women from farming families owning less than 5 acres of land are eligible for the scheme, contributing to rural economic development.
  • Inclusive of All Castes and Communities: The scheme extends to women from all social strata, including General, Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and Other Backward Classes (OBC), ensuring inclusive socio-economic empowerment.
Steps to Apply for Ladli Behna Yojana:
To avail of the benefits of the Ladli Behna Yojana, follow these steps:
  • Registration: Locate government registration camps in your area or contact the Gram Panchayat/Ward Office for assistance.
  • Link Aadhaar: Complete the eKYC process and link your Aadhaar card to your ID.
  • Fill out the Form: Fill out the application form provided at the registration camp with all necessary details, including name, address, and bank account details.
  • Provide Required Documents: Submit your Aadhaar card, ID, mobile number, bank account details, and a passport-sized photo along with the form.
  • Submit and Collect Receipt: Submit the completed form and documents to the authorities, who will provide you with a receipt or reference number, confirming your application.
  • Receive the Amount: Upon approval, the scheme’s installment amount will be directly credited to your bank account.
The Ladli Behna Yojana stands as a beacon of empowerment for women in Madhya Pradesh, providing them with financial assistance and support to lead dignified lives and contribute positively to society. By adhering to the eligibility criteria and following the application process, eligible women can access the benefits of this transformative scheme.

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