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India vs England 3rd Test Day 2: Umpire penalizes India for Ravichandran Ashwin’s mistake

India Vs England 3rd Test Day 2: Umpire punishes India for this mistake committed by Ravichandran Ashwin

India vs England 3rd Test:
In the ongoing India vs England 3rd Test match, India has been penalised with a five-run penalty for running on the middle of the pitch. Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja were both cautioned for this offence.

India vs England 3rd Test Day 2:
India vs England 3rd Test match is currently underway in Rajkot. During the match, India was handed a five-run penalty. This means that after England start their batting, the team will start their first innings with 5/0 against India in the Rajkot Test.

This penalty on India comes as Ravichandran Ashwin ran on middle of pitch while attempting a run. Ashwin was reprimanded by on-field umpire Joel Wilson that he was not allowed to run through the 5-metre mark between the stumps. He, however, disagreed even though he was indeed seen running through that area.
India vs England 3rd Test
England vs India India's Ravichandran Ashwin plays a shot as England's Ben Foakes (L) watches during the second day of the third Test cricket match between India and England at the Niranjan Shah Stadium in Rajkot on February 16, 2024. (Photo by AFP) (AFP)

India vs England Live Score Updates, 3rd Test Day 2

After the third ball of the 102nd over, Umpire Wilson was seen having a word with Ashwin for running on the middle of the pitch. Earlier, Ravindra Jadeja was also guilty of committing the same offence.

During the match, Ashwin gently worked the ball off Rehan Ahmed and immediately set off for a single without perhaps realising where he was running, but was eventually sent back by debutant Dhruv Jurel. Ashwin ran on the middle of the pitch for a second offence from the Indian team as highlighted by the umpire, with Jadeja being warned on the first day of the Test at the Niranjan Shah Stadium.
What does the law states
The MCC’s law 41.14.1, which comes under Unfair Play section states, “It is unfair to cause deliberate or avoidable damage to the pitch. If the striker enters the protected area in playing or playing at the ball, he/she must move from it immediately thereafter. A batter will be deemed to be causing avoidable damage if either umpire considers that his/her presence on the pitch is without reasonable cause.”

It further states, “The bowler’s end umpire shall then warn the striker that the practice is unfair and indicate that this is a first and final warning. This warning shall apply throughout the innings.”

If the offence is repeated by any team member during the course of the innings, the batting side will be awarded a five-run penalty.

Ravindra Jadeja prediction on R Ashwin
Earlier on 14 February, all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja who made a comeback to the team after remaining out of the second Test match due to injuries also made a big prediction about spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. “Ravichandran Ashwin will take his 500th wicket in Rajkot, nothing to worry about. I’m very happy for him. It is destiny that he will get it here in my hometown,” Ravindra Jadeja said ahead of the third Test match in Rajkot.

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